Digital Marketing trends to watch in 2019

2019 is upon us, A lot head-starters are already laying foundations of how best they should maximize their businesses in the new year.Every new season always brings up new technologies, existing technologies tend to evolve; so no matter how well you did in 2018, you can’t afford to be too comfortable. Question is, What can we expect in 2019? the tech jungle is huge, What do we pay attention to? What must we do different going into 2019? Well, here are a few pointers to help you navigate through 2019.

1. Embrace instant messaging the way people interact has greatly changed, people everywhere have come to expect instant, real-time communication, everyone expects to send a message and get instant feedback; So, whatever you are going to be investing your effort in, try by all means to make sure your market is going to hear from you each time they reach out to you, you might want to invest in things such as "Live Chat" on your website as well as responsive systems on you social media, email and other communication platforms.

2. Always be there, cash-in on "micro moments" – a micro moment is that small window of opportunity a potential client gets online to get answers or take action. The question is, Who gets their attention first at this point? Are they finding you or your competition? According to google, studies have shown that a brand can gain about 46% in awareness ratings by simply appearing on search results, in fact 51% of smartphone users discovered new brands and companies while searching the internet. In essence use 2019 to really build a sound footing on your internet presence, you have to use every available internet resource especially comprehensive and expressive platforms that enable you to achieve these 3 key goals

  • Be Optimized, Be Found-internet - content is fast growing with billions on new files and content uploading every day, it is important that you take time to maximize your accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will ensure that your Website appears in search results there-by increasing your chances of getting attention from anyone searching the internet

  • Answer every question – Once you have been found, Visitors will almost always give you a shot, do your best to never disappoint. In 2019 one of things you need to pay attention to is anticipate all typical client questions and answer them, this is largely easier to achieve on a more personalized platform especially your own website (you might want to get one if you don’t already have) as it gives ample room to answer and provide solutions in detail in your own terms, unlike most social media platforms where you might be limited depending on platform you choose to use.

  • Have a simple purchase process- the last thing a potential buyer wants is hell in trying to make a simple buy, make sure your website or whatever platform you are selling on does not frustrate your audience.

3. Take advantage of automated services - One of the key virtues that comes with digital marketing technology is that, it enables you to do more with minimal resources, work that would often require committed extra hands can now be digitally scheduled. In 2019 look out for these abundant automated tools available online, don’t slow down your delivery chain, technical tools like a simple website, can market and provide all comprehensive details to inform a buying decision, a website can be automated to handle Quote and Invoicing functions. Digital marketing also has simple automated chat & email responses as well as scheduled posts and campaigns, automated sign-up forms and more; the advent of artificial intelligence and online tech bots, opportunities are unlimited; if you haven’t started start working on embracing automated digital marketing.

4. Don’t be afraid of Video Advertising - Video advertising was traditionally reserved for high end businesses with big marketing budgets, but Digital marketing has opened up opportunities, distribution channels are largely free on the internet, you can create content quick and easy on the go with even just a smart phone and instantly distribute to millions of potential clients across the world wide web. Dare to be creative, research has proved that video content is fast dominating the internet advertising space with over 60% share; so even if you didn’t like videos ads you might want to start now, Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. If you haven’t started start now.


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