Re-thinking digital solutions in the wake of Corvid-19 : Could this be hope?

While the world has gradually been embracing online, digital initiatives over the years, the notion has largely been an experimental alternative to enhancing productivity and growth; the advent of the of the novel corona virus however appears to threaten not just the livelihoods of humans and health, Corvid-19, may just about force mankind to rethink everyday business.

Most of the world's business is traditionally underpinned on brick and mortar models, which almost always demand that constant physical interaction, between human traffic; daily demographics have a direct bearing on business success and viability; the question now is, 'What happens when humans are suddenly forced into hibernation?' a lot of counter measures are coming up, people are trying to work from home and so on; but frankly how many of today's business is ready for such a phenomenon, one wonders.

While the greater global economy is on an out-rightly panic mode, a little reflection to our recent past can safely afford us a semblance of hope, that business can and will survive beyond the current crisis. The turn of the millennium saw business witness a great transformation, the internet has been a great boost and the rapid advancement of information technology has enabled business to evolve into a space more digital than physical interaction, while it’s been largely experimental, digital business has achieved amazing success in record short life, great corporations have been born and we've seen them transcend border lines and acumen; could this be the future.

If it is; How ready is your business? It is time to re-think our business models, whether profit or non-profit; government or private corporation; it is clear the future demands smarter, digital business models.


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