What business owners need to know about ‘SEO’.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which many business owners understand to be the web designer’s jargon for online marketing. This is a common misconception. SEO is simply the process of making a web page or a website visible in a web search engine. Beyond visibility, SEO also encompasses local listings and listing of your business on sites like Facebook. The idea behind the SEO process is that the earlier or the more frequent a site appears in the search result, the more visitors that site will receive from the search engine’s users. These visitors can then be converted to customers, given other factors that will be discussed in this article.

SEO is a good marketing tool but cannot substitute the marketing function of your business. What this means is that, where SEO can help your business get noticed online, marketing will ensure that goes a long way into translating that traffic to profit. What you would then need is a well-established business and a comprehensive marketing plan which the SEO of your website can compliment.

SEO connects your business with your clients but it can neither substitute regular contact with your customers, nor will it stand in place of excellent customer service. As a business you will still need to visit your customers, form relationships which is what will be of value to your business in the long term. On the other hand, good customer service will speak on behalf of your company’s brand.

SEO can be a competitive practice for businesses and managers need to understand this. Strategic implementation of SEO will give your business an advantage over your competition. This follows that the practice of SEO must be accompanied by the right business strategy, for example instead of choosing to compete with other businesses for the same keywords, a business can choose a niche market approach. This will differentiate your business, and will avail a different set of key words for your business on any search engine. Although this may lower your audience, your business will definitely benefit from a more direct target audience in search of specific products or services.

The link between SEO and marketing is that the visibility will build consumer awareness for your brand and business and stimulate demand for your products and services. SEO will increase your website’s ability to attract, direct, channel and manage potential and existing customer traffic, whereas an established business and good customer service will carter for these clients’ needs.


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